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Love in the Friend Zone by Molly E Lee REVIEW


Where was this book when I was going through school? From start to finish I couldn’t put it down. Molly delivered a perfect and relatable friends-to-lovers book that is aimed towards young adults!

The whole story only takes place in a days time, so it gives you a detailed look at Braylen and Flynn’s graduation day and the party after. On top of it you get the story from both point of views, which adds to the level of understanding both characters.

High School is hard, graduation is stressful, love is complicated and true best friends are hard to come by, this story covers just how overly consuming all of that can be. Molly does an amazing job of making you feel what Braylen and Flynn are going through. For Braylen the fear of losing her best friend over telling him how she really feels, keeps her running away from Flynn but still being pushed telling him the truth.  Thanks to her other best friend Zoe she is on a deadline to tell Flynn how she really feels. Along with the pain of trying to get Flynn together with a different girl he has had his eyes on for over a year.  For Flynn, he’s finally getting a shot at his dream girl thanks to Braylen’s help but for some reason is confused on why Braylen is acting so weird about the whole thing.

Everyone else is on to how Flynn and Braylen both feel and most everyone is trying to get them to both admit/realize how they truly feel for each other. So when the lines of being each others best friends blur into being each others EVERYTHING,  you fall in love with both of them in less than 12 hours of a day.

Be sure to pick up this amazing book, it keeps you laughing and makes you want to face palm yourself every now and again.


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