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REVIEW: All of the Rogers

Y’all I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved this story! On the same note it hit extremely close to home which was something I was not prepared for.

The whole story is told from Kerrington’s (Kerri) point of view. Kerri is a high school student, teenage girl, amazing ballet dancer. This story takes you through what it’s like to be a teenager in love for the first time.Β  Your first love is intense, exciting, and scary and Erin Lockwood does an amazing job at making you feel like you are living through all of those emotions.

And then Lockwood did something I wasn’t prepared for, she threw a mental illness into the mix, which is something so many people avoid talking about. Kerri falls in love with a boy named Roger who struggles with extreme highs and lows of emotions, at the time they don’t understand what he is going through everyone assumes he is just a hyper kid. Bipolar is something that is almost impossible to diagnose in teens and is often misdiagnosed because everyone blames the emotional roller-coaster that is your life when you are bipolar on hormones and being a teen. For me this is something I watchΒ  my sister struggle with everyday and I have felt all of the emotions that Kerri goes through when she is falling in love with Roger. Kerri loves Rogers that much she knows but isn’t sure she can handle or even understand his emotions. It’s intense there is no better way of putting it and Lockwood wrote about it perfectly!

The story just follows Kerri and her friends through a lot of her first in high school along with her and Rogers love story.

Beautifully written and a powerful message that I can’t thank her enough for sharing about. This story destroyed me and I devoured every page of it. I highly recommend this story for any ages teenage on up.

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